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Sensory Play with Biggo Blocks: Activities for Children with Sensory Processing Disorders

Sensory Play with Biggo Blocks: Activities for Children with Sensory Processing Disorders

Sensory processing disorders (SPD) can present unique challenges for children, affecting how they interpret and respond to sensory information from their environment. Engaging in sensory play can be a powerful way to help these children process and regulate sensory input. Building blocks, like Biggo Blocks, offer an excellent medium for sensory play, combining tactile, visual, and motor skills in engaging activities. This blog explores several sensory-friendly activities using Biggo Blocks to support children with SPD.

Understanding Sensory Processing Disorders

Sensory processing disorders occur when the brain has difficulty receiving and responding to information that comes through the senses. Children with SPD might be overly sensitive to some stimuli or under-responsive to others. Activities that incorporate sensory input in a structured and safe manner can aid in their development and comfort.

Sensory-Friendly Activities with Biggo Blocks

1. Textured Block Hunt

Children and adults engaging in collaborative play with vibrant, large building blocks, illustrating the interactive and educational benefits of building blocks in a shared learning environment.
The Textured Block Hunt is a fun sensory activity that engages kids’ sense of touch and sight through hands-on exploration. In this game, children feel their way through different textured Biggo Blocks while blindfolded or with their eyes closed. This helps them learn to identify and distinguish various textures by touch alone.
  • Biggo Blocks with various textures (smooth, bumpy, ridged)
  • Blindfold or soft fabric
  • Small bag or box
  1. Place Biggo Blocks in a bag or box.
  2. Blindfold the child or ask them to close their eyes.
  3. Encourage them to feel inside the bag and identify blocks by their texture.
What it does:
  • Boosts tactile discrimination: Kids get better at recognizing and responding to different textures.
  • Improves fine motor skills: They enhance their hand and finger coordination as they explore the surfaces.

This activity is especially helpful for children with sensory processing challenges, as it helps them become more aware of different tactile sensations and how to react to them.

2. Weighted Block Building

Excited young boy holding up large blue and green building blocks with a big smile, showcasing the joy and engagement building blocks bring to children's playtime.
The Weighted Block Building activity creatively enhances children's body awareness, coordination, and strength using Biggo Blocks, which are larger than traditional Duplo blocks. In this activity, some Biggo Blocks are made heavier by adding small weights or sandbags inside their hollow cavities. This additional weight creates resistance, making the blocks heavier and providing proprioceptive input as children build with them.
  • Biggo Blocks
  • Small weights or sandbags (designed to fit inside the hollow spaces of the blocks)
  1. Insert small weights or sandbags in the open spaces of the Biggo Blocks, and secure them with adhesive tape to prevent shifting or spilling.
  2. Encourage the child to build structures using a combination of regular and weighted Biggo Blocks, practicing lifting, stacking, and balancing while experiencing the difference in weight.
How It Helps:
  • Enhances Proprioception: The added weight helps children develop a better sense of body position and movement as they handle and build with the blocks.
  • Boosts Coordination and Strength: The resistance provided by the weighted blocks challenges children’s coordination and strengthens their muscles as they lift and balance the heavier blocks.

This activity is particularly beneficial for children with sensory processing disorders, as it offers additional practice in body control and movement through engaging, hands-on play.

3. Color Sorting and Pattern Making

Colorful large building blocks stacked on green grass, showcasing their vibrant hues and versatile design, perfect for outdoor play and imaginative building.

Color Sorting and Pattern Making with Biggo Blocks is a fun activity that helps kids improve their visual and organizational skills. In this game, children sort blocks by color and then use them to create patterns or sequences.


  • Biggo Blocks in various colors


  1. Mix different colored blocks together.
  2. Ask the child to sort them by color.
  3. Encourage them to create patterns or sequences with the sorted blocks.

What it does:

  • Boosts visual skills: Kids get better at recognizing and categorizing colors.
  • Enhances cognitive skills: Creating patterns helps them learn to organize and solve problems.

This activity makes learning fun and supports essential skills by combining play with valuable visual and cognitive development.

4. Sound and Sensory Bin

Excited young girl jumping in the air surrounded by large blue building blocks, symbolizing fun and creative play with construction toys.

This is a fun, multi-sensory activity that combines sounds and textures to engage kids' senses. By filling a bin with Biggo Blocks, rice, and small sound-making objects, children get to explore different textures and sounds through play.


  • Biggo Blocks
  • Rice, beans, or dried pasta
  • Small bells or shakers


  1. Fill a sensory bin with Biggo Blocks, rice, and small sound-making objects.
  2. Let the child explore the bin, encouraging them to find blocks and listen to the different sounds.

How it helps:

  • Enhances auditory skills: Kids listen to and identify the different sounds the materials make.
  • Encourages tactile exploration: They get to feel and move around the various objects in the bin.
  • Develops fine motor skills: Handling small items improves their hand and finger coordination.

This activity provides a rich sensory experience, making it a great tool for sensory developmen. It makes learning through touch and sound both engaging and beneficial.

5. Block Obstacle Course

Young boy building a colorful castle with large, multicolored building blocks against a backdrop of a castle silhouette.

The Block Obstacle Course is a playful way to boost kids' gross motor skills and spatial awareness using Biggo Blocks. By creating an obstacle course with these blocks and other household items, children can step over, crawl under, and weave through different setups.


  • Biggo Blocks
  • Household items (chairs, pillows, etc.)


  1. Set up an obstacle course using Biggo Blocks and household items.
  2. Guide the child to navigate the course, stepping over, crawling under, or weaving through the blocks.

How it helps:

  • Improves coordination: Kids practice moving through the course, which enhances their ability to plan and execute movements.
  • Builds spatial awareness: They learn to judge distances and avoid bumping into obstacles, helping them understand how to move in their environment.

This activity not only makes exercise fun but also supports essential skills, especially for children with sensory processing challenges. It helps them navigate and interact with their surroundings in a more confident and coordinated way.


Using Biggo Blocks in sensory play can be a fun and therapeutic way to support children with sensory processing disorders. These activities can help enhance sensory integration, motor skills, and overall sensory regulation. By incorporating tactile, visual, auditory, and proprioceptive elements, children can engage in meaningful play that addresses their unique sensory needs.



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